The story of Elisen gingerbread

Elisen gingerbread

The Elisen gingerbread is a fine thing, it must be real, an original and these only in Nuremberg and it is the king of the gingerbreads. It may at the very most contain two percent white flour, but the best ones completely are without flour! This finest gingerbread shall contain coriander, cardamom, honey, cinnamon, vanilla, cloves, allspice and still many secret ingredients, which aren't surrendered by the baker with pleasure . . . It otherwise wouldn't have the effect which it had on a certain baker's daughter with the name Elisabeth long time ago!


The legend tells that the only, beautyful daughter of a gingerbread baker fell hard ill, her name was Elisabeth. The wife of the gingerbread baker, had already passed away, so that he had only his beloved daughter. No doctor and no medicament was able to make her healthy again. He went to his bakery and started to create a gingerbread because he knew of the value of the Middle Eastern spices!  He took only that, he left out the flour completely. He decorated the gingerbread wonderfully, so that Elisabeth already took pleasure alone about the sight. She ate it and was getting better again in a wondrous way. The gingerbread baker and his daughter lived long, long happily and contently and the gingerbread had from this moment at the name: Elisen gingerbread.


This delicious gingerbread is part of Nuremberg like the fried sausages, pretzel and the castle since then. Therefore, the Nuremberg gingerbread is protected since the 1st of July, 1996 as a "protected geographical information" throughout Europe and may carry since that time proudly and with dignity the seal of the EU!    


This one is the advantage of this exquisite cakes and pastries and of course also all other gingerbreads that one can keep them very, very long which is possible best in a tin. The Elisenlebkuchen is therefore available in lovely tins and chests. The tins are decorated with motives of the Nuremberg castle, tournament scenes from the Middle Ages, pictures from fairytales and many other beautiful motives!                                                                                                                          


A Nuremberg visit shouldn´t end without purchase in a gingerbread retail shop, because everybody should know...

                                                         ... Elisen gingerbread is a pleasure!

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